Show more with video

Video is engaging and shows what pictures and words cannot. You can see emotion and movement and you can use all these things to engage your audience. This audience could be potential customers, or people to support your cause.

I help coach for the Mission Ridge Ski team and with content creation for social media for the team. I shot this race earlier this year to help show off one of our races that we put on.

Videographer Practicing Photgraphy

I will always be a videographer but as a videographer it is important to know and understand your camera at a high level. Improving your photography improves your videography. You gain knowledge of your lenses and camera, color grading and exposures to name a few things. All of these skills are skills that a videographer uses. In this picture I set the exposure to 6 seconds to get a blurred effect of the water. I also set my exposure low so that I wouldn’t blow out the skyline and clouds. I then edited the picture to pull back out the shadows and give a more uniform exposure.


Always Learn New Things

It is important to always learn new things. There is so much to video and so many ways to capture moments. Short time lapse videos mixed in occasionally can make your video more interesting and add another dynamic to your overall video. Today I was playing with time lapses using my gimble on a time setting to give a different perspective and add movement. 

Real Estate Drone Photography

Today I took some drone photography for a real estate listing. I am an FAA 107 pilot and can fly drones for real estate agents to capture unique angles of their listings. I was able to capture a new development in the Wenatchee area and show off the general location of the property. This is something that photographs from the ground can not capture. These pictures can help sell your property. If you need a real estate listing aerial picture or if you would just like some aerial pictures taken give me a call.

real estate drone photography

Premiere Pro Video Editing

I use Premiere Pro by Adobe for all of my editing. Premiere Pro is a very powerful software that puts no limits on where your video editing goes. Having this powerful tool at my disposal means I can bring you the best edits for your video


Working with Wedding Photographer

Having a good working relationship between a wedding photographer and videographer increases the odds of your wedding going smoothly. I have been working with Mary Ireland Not only are you able to coordinate shots but often times can work with each other to capture shots. For example as a drone pilot I am able to capture drone shots for her to pass on to the bride and groom. If you are ready to book a wedding team consider MKC Photos and Ben Holten Films.

wedding photographer drone images